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Feb 14, 2010

Moving House!!

I have moved to a new location, check out the new site @

Jan 27, 2010

Space Invader Radio

I have my first radio show on Space Invader Radio tonight, from 10 - 12. Im playing lots of different suff, hip hop, house, electro, soul and what ever takes my fancy!

Check out this Nina Simone Re- Fix, i found while [virtually] diggin for tunes:

The show will be on every two weeks, keep an eye out!!


Jan 14, 2010


This is a light painting by a Russian based group Freezelight. Its a beautiful piece of work. I found this via Pita Pixel.

Jan 9, 2010

eclecticism #02

Jan 8, 2010

When The Lights Go Out...

The mix below is from Billy Scurry a Dublin DJ, who honestly I don't know a huge amount about, [I did find this quote though... "cited by many as the pioneer who brought real dance music to Ireland".] but on New Years eve, over at a mates,we were listening to a few Billy Scurry mixes. Absolutely blown away by the range of different music and loved them so I went searching, and came across this mix on Soundcloud.


Billy Scurry..The Lights Go Out 2 by billyscurry

Jan 4, 2010


This has been an interesting year. I think I started writing The Confused Eclectic in March 2009, and I am so happy with where its gone, I don't have a huge amounts of people reading it, but of my friend who do, they enjoy the music, art and whatever else I post that is why I do it. That and everyone needs an outlet for whatever creativity they have stored up inside them.

2010 is an exciting year for me. I have a number of things starting [hopefully] that everyone should keep an eye out for. In the next few weeks, Myself and a Friend will be launching Eclectic Productions, a mixed media production company that will be promoting Kino Dublin a short film open-mic style monthly night in Dublin, amongst other things.

Keep an eye out also for Eclecticism #02, its on its way soon. This will be a common feature of over the next year. Hopefully you will enjoy the bad mixing but good music!

Enjoy this song from Surreal & The Sound Providers - The Place to be.

Dec 26, 2009

Eclecticism #1

This is my first mix of tracks that I have put together. This is the first and may be the last but I had a lot of fun making it so if time allows there might be another one.

The mixing is shocking but I'm not a Dj and [for me] its not about the mixing its about the music! I hope you enjoy these tracks as much as I do.

Happy Christmas!!

Dec 3, 2009


For anyone we reads this blog at any sort of regular interval will know i post a lot about exhibitions in The Signal Gallery. Their next exhibition is one of the most exciting of the year, especially for me who never gets to go to any of them [and if i could choose one it would be this], it is the annual group showing.

There are some incredible artists showing, heres a few pieces by some of the artists... just to whet the appetite...

Dan Baldwin (UK)

Armsrock (Denmark)

Byroglyphics (UK),

Dale Grimshaw (UK),

Guy Denning (UK/France), Case (Germany), Jonathan Darby (UK), David Le Fleming (New Zealand), Ethos (Brazil), C215 (France), Alke Schmidt (Germany/UK), Holly Thoburn (UK), Jef Aerosol (France), Labrona (Canada), Christopher Ross (Canada), SPQR (UK), Istvan Szanto (Hungary). Click here for more pieces by the artists!

The show opens to the public on 4th and runs till the 19th December 2009.

Nov 29, 2009


Music means many different things to different people.

I knew one person who couldn't listen to music, it was a constant pain, they just didn't enjoy it, the only time they did was in [shit] nightclubs. Other friends, its all day everyday, they walk into a room the first thing they do is pick music, walking down the road 5 minutes, they are listening to music. They love a soundtrack to their life.

I fit in this second category. Every second of my life is filled with listening to and trying to find new music. Its exciting, finding a new artist I have never heard before.

Growing up I listened to Nina Simone, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Leonard Cohen and strangley enough Moroccan and Indian music, no heritage in the family, my Dad just loved the sound. And random Jazz selctions that my Mam loved to listen to but could never remember the names. I always had listened to an eclectic range of music but didnt have a huge knowledge of modern music, we had no 'sky' in my house but i do have memories of listening to Radio 1, John Peel and Westwood to hear some amazing acts that as I got access to more music I would come to love.

This and two good mates, who introduced me to hip hop and dance, developed my current taste in all types music. we used to sneak in to one of the guy's older brother's room to raid his collection. My other mate [Beano] had an obsessive interest in music [and film], he would get into an artist and learn everything there was to know about them and buy all their albums, his desire for music spread to me, and he introduced me to so much music, and continues to do so now!!

There are other people, who have influenced my taste and continue to do so everyday. And I send out my love to them aswell.

So thats a basic history of people who influenced my musical taste... but that wasn't the point of this post [I am a rambler], 'the missing cog' is how for people who listening to music constantly, all day every day, different music fit different times. I had forgotten a genre of music that I listened to a lot when i was younger, Jazz. I was missing that music that, when i was sad or in a bit of a funk, sorted me out.

I guess I see all my favourite music as fitting in somewhere and when there is space for it all, your life is much better, and for the last year, Jazz has been missing and my life was the sadder for it.

A week ago, listening to Sam K on Space Invader Radio, his first song was this...

Cristo Redentor by Donald Byrd is a beautiful song and immediately I went searching for more songs... I didn't find another Donald Byrd song on my travels but I did find this...

Along with these to songs, I had found 'the missing cog" that made me [as an emotional person] work better and I strolled home with a smile on my face and these songs on repeat.


Nov 25, 2009